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4 December 2009

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Teacosy Home

Welcome all. This site was originally conceived as a player resource for my Iourn roleplaying campaign that used to be run on Wednesday nights at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Years later the game still refuses to die, and now I have two parallel campaigns to cope with.

However, over this time the site has evolved into something larger. This homepage is now a gateway to various sub-sites that are listed below. All the Iourn and D&D information is still here, but its been tweaked, expanded and moved around a bit. Hopefully everything is clearer and easier to find than before, although it would be a lie to say the site was now finished.

Please navigate using the sites below, the navigation bar to your left or the site map page. Any questions may be answered by the new FAQ section, but failing that you can always email me. Also, visit the fonts section to make sure you're viewing this site as its meant to be seen. Enjoy!

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons:
A rationalisation and comprehensive index of Dungeons and Dragons version 3.5. Now completely divorced from any one campaign setting, this site includes new spells, feats and prestige classes. It is also home to the House Rules under which I run D&D. Player should acquaint themselves with all rules changes!

Iourn Campaign Setting

Iourn Campaign Setting:
Iourn is my own campaign setting that makes use of the Dungeons and Dragons third edition rules. In play since September 2000, Iourn has proved to be far more enduring than I had originally intended. This sub-site provides you with maps, histories, personalities, religions, organisations, timelines, magic, the campaign log and much, much more.

FBI Evidence Response

FBI Evidence Response:
This site is dedicated to the Delta Green campaign that is being run sporadically by Marc Brown. This site, written from a player's perspective, hopes to make sense of Marc's impenetrable mind. Profiles of special agents, timelines, casefiles, a comprehensive Who's Who? and the Wall of Weird can be found within.

Hurssia Campaign Setting:
I am proud to host details of Jack's Hurssia Campaign Setting. First played back in 1996 under the AD&D second edition rules, I have some very happy memories of Hurssia. Now it's all bright and shiny in its third edition glory.

Karris'Mohr Campaign Setting:

Special Features

Special Features:
There are times when I feel the need to pontificate on things that fall into no other category. It is on these occassions that I turn to this happy pot pourri of a sub-site. Here you will find invaluable information, much of which is utterly irrelevent to any right minded person. Chief of which is the identity of the lovely lady to the left. I say no more.

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